Felipe Pirela, Baptized as Felipe Antonio Pirela Moron, was the eighth one of the children of the marriage conformed by Felipe Pirela Monsalve who was bricklayer and Lucia Moron de Pirela, who was housewife and merchant, besides fan to the artistic expressions.

From boy, the future interpreter already showed interest in the song being supported by its so much mother in the musical learning, as in its first actions in radio. In fact, at the age of 13 of age, next to two of his brothers and neighbors of the neighborhood marabino The Empedrao, conforms the group The Happy Boys that touched in diverse localities of Maracaibo boleros fashionable positions by interpreters such as the Alfredo Sadel and the Chilean Lucho Gatica.

In 1957 he works in the radial spaces of a radio station marabina and he enters in a space of fans in a television show that then he transmitted the televisora Radio Caracas Television, obtaining the third place.

The fact that the businesses televisoras Venezuelan even to lack video recording teams, he impeded that his first actions remained registered for the posterity. To the following year, is one of the first artists that acted in the first one televisora regional Venezuelan, the zuliana Waves of the Lago TV of ephemeral existence.

It is presented in a space of fans with the orchestra of the musician and Venezuelan composer Juanito Arteta and its action is worth the to be hired as part of the artistic team of the televisora and of the radio station linked to this. He returns to Caracas, in July of 1958 and acts in nightspots, besides the issuing Radio Caracas Radio. Fortunately, these radial incursions yes were so much engravings by the radial radio station, as by fans. Said recordings would see the public light in the year 2006.

Upon returning to Maracaibo, is hired for the orchestra The Pennies, with which is initiated like the professional. Nevertheless, its traffic by this orchestra did not have greater importance recording barely two songs in the engraved only album with this group in 1960, titled Carnival with The Pennies. It is understood that did not have many opportunities in that group, since was one more than the five singers of that orchestra and that complicated its possibilities of to be kept in mind.