Benny Moré was born 24th August 1919 in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, Cienfuegos, Cuba. Despite having an exceptional voice, leading his own orchestra and writing his own music he never had an academic music training. Moré was a master all the genres of Cuban music, including son montuno, mambo, guaracha, guajira, cha cha cha, Afro-Cuban, canción, guaguancó, and bolero.

Arriving in Havana in 1940 he sang in clubs, restaurants, bars and cafes accompanied by his guitar. His first breakthrough came when he sang on the CMQ radio station’s talent show La Corte Suprema del Arte. He won first prize. Siro Rodríguez, of the Trío Matamoros, talent-spotted Benny Moré  singing in the bar El Temple. Following this meeting the mid-forties found him touring Mexico as lead singer with Conjunto Matamoros.

Benny Moré settled in Mexico to record music and perform with one of the best Mexican bands at that time, Son Veracruz. He also produced around 60 records with Damaso Perez Prado Orchestra. He returned to Cuba in the late 1950s and formed the Giant Orchestra in August 1953. He and his orchestra achieved immense popularity in the US and Latin America. Benny Moré remained in Cuba until his death in 1963.