Barbarito Diez (4-Dic-1909 , 6-May-1995)

Barbarito Diez was born in Bolondron, Cuba on December 4, 1909. His family moved to Central Manatí in Oriente province when he was 4 years old. In 1930 he moved to Havana, where he joined a trio with Isaac Oviedo and composer Graciano Gómez.

In 1935 Barbarito Diez he became the soloist of Antonio Maria Romeu’s famous orchestra and after Romeu’s death this orchestra was named after Diez. He is considered the voice which sang the most famous musical works of Cuba. He traveled to Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and United States in concerts, made more than 14 LPs and is highly respected as a performer of “danzones” and earlier “boleros” and “canciones