Alfredo De Angelis (2 November 1910, Adrogué, Argentina — 31 March 1992)

Alfredo De Angelis was an Argentinian musician, most notable as a composer, a pianist, and a director of a tango orchestra during the Grand Era of Argentine tango.

Alfredo De Angelis was born in    Adrogué   south of Buenos Aires. He started his musical career by accompanying the singer Juan Giliberti, and then joined the orchestra of Anselmo Aieta as a pianist. He continued changing affiliations until 1940, until he started to create his own orchestra in 1940.

The orchestra gave the first concert in café Marzotto in Buenos Aires on March 20, 1941, quickly achieved popularity, and was invited for records. De Angelis is noted for hoosing good singers. The first singer in De Angelis’s orchestra was Floreal Ruiz, and others included Carlos Dante, Julio Martel, Oscar Larroca, Roberto Florio, and Roberto Mancini.

Alfredo De Angelis orchestra usually noted for its simple, more popular style, and concentrated on tango dancing. De Angelis stayed through his entire career (between 1943 and 1977) with the Odeon Records label and recorded in total 486 minutes.